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Online guide to navigating the West Road on Mt. Fuji's west side

Mt. Fuji West Side Story Transportation Information Website

A journey to encounter spectacular views of majestic Mt. Fuji

Route map

The West Road is an area that includes Lake Kawaguchiko in Yamanashi Prefecture and Shinfuji and Fujinomiya in Shizuoka Prefecture, which lie midway between Tokyo and Osaka. This area extends beyond the broad plateau of the foothills of Mt. Fuji and can be covered in 2 hours by scheduled bus.

Recommended sightseeing spots

The Mt. Fuji West Side area includes numerous spots for viewing Mt. Fuji that most tourists don't know about.
You can also find many striking natural beauty and historic places of worship in the foothills of Mt. Fuji.
Here we'll show you how to reach some of these recommended spots by scheduled bus.

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