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Online guide to navigating the West Road on Mt. Fuji's west side

Mt. Fuji West Side Story Transportation Information Website

Frequently Asked Questions

We've gathered together some of the most frequently asked questions about getting around the Fuji West Side area.

How can I get to the Fuji West Side area from Tokyo?
There are plenty of ways to get to the Fuji West Side area from Tokyo. Express buses depart regularly from Shinjuku, Tokyo and Shibuya Stations for Kawaguchiko Station. The Tokaido Shinkansen (high-speed rail) takes you to Shinfuji Station, and you can reach Fujinomiya Station via the JR Tokaido Main Line with a transfer at Fuji Station. Once you reach your station in the Fuji West Side area, you can reach various local spots by scheduled bus, or rent a car.
We haven't decided where we want to go. Can you tell us some sightseeing spots that are easy to reach by bus?
This website lists recommended places of interest in the Fuji West Side area as well as a menu of recommended sightseeing plans. We offer tips on great spots from which to view Mt. Fuji and some recommended day-trip plans.
Are discounted bus tickets available?
We recommend the Fuji West Side Bus Shuyu Kippu (excursion ticket). This ticket gives you unlimited travel on all scheduled buses in the Fuji West Side area for two days. It's even valid on Goriki-kun, a tour bus that makes the rounds of sites that make up the Mt. Fuji World Heritage Site! Finally, if you want to visit Lakes Shojiko and Motosuko from Kawaguchiko Station, the "Kawaguchiko / Saiko / Narusawa, Shojiko, Motosuko Shuyu (Excursion) Coupon" is a great choice.
Do the buses run on weekends?
The Blue, Red and Green Lines run on Saturdays and Sundays on the same schedule as weekends. Other scheduled buses run on different schedules on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Be sure to consult the departure schedule before you depart.
I don't know how to ride the buses.
Check the information on this website.
Can I pay aboard the bus if I don't have small change?
10,000 yen, 5,000 yen and 2,000 yen notes are not accepted aboard the bus, but the on-board cash changer can change 1,000 yen notes. Before you depart, make sure you have sufficient coins or 1,000 yen notes for your fare.
What is the children's fare?
The fare for children (junior-high-school age and younger) is half the adult fare. For details, please check when you purchase your ticket.
Where can we rent bicycles?
Bicycle rental shops can be found at accommodations around Lake Kawaguchiko, at the Lake Motosuko Tourist Information Center, and at the Lake Tanukiko Campground, among other places. Lake Kawaguchiko and Lake Motosuko are equipped with cycling stations where you can pick up and drop off rental bicycles.
※Note: Bicycle rental is not available from December to March as the Tourist Information Center is closed.