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A story of borders

Nakamichi Okan Road (Kosun Kaido Road)B-1

It is an old and the shortest road connecting Kai and Suruga. Takeda Shingen, Oda Nobunaga, and Tokugawa Ieyasu used the road leading an army in Sengoku Period, and in Edo Period it was used to distribute salt and seafood. There are historic sites along the pass and forest path looking at Mt. Fuji, and a history of a road on a border continue to be handed down quietly.


Suruga (Shizuoka) and Kai (Yamanashi) has been bound by deep affinity since ancient times.
One is a seaside country and another is a mountain country.
National Route 139 overlapped on West Road was also called the “Salt Road”.
In the Middle Ages, both countries were the center of a history, and in the Early-modern times, it has long thrived as a post-station town and a barrier on main Kaido road from Edo.
Two countries have been connected by Mt. Fuji since a long time ago. On the road of the border, scenery of memories which Mt. Fuji has watched over remained.

Fuji no Makigari (hunting)

Fuji no Makigari (hunting)

Minamoto no Yoritomo had become the Seii Taishogun (the head of generals) in 1193, and in May 1194, he held a huge Makigari at the west foot of Mt. Fuji. Makigari was held in order to show the prestige and military exercises, and many Gokenins (shogunal retainers) participated as marksmen. There are many traditional places regarding this great historic story are dotted in the Fujnomiya side.

Adauchi by the Soga brothers

Adauchi by the Soga brothersB-5

Among several dramas happened at the “Fuji no Makigari”, there is the famous “Soga story”. The Soga brothers, Sukenari and Tokimune, attacked Kudo Suketsune to avenge their father. The tombs of the brothers who have attained their cherished object remain.

※Adauchi (Vengeance)
A traditional custom in the Japanese middle age, to revenge privately against a person who committed a murder.


Otodome-no-Taki Waterfall

Otodome-no-Taki WaterfallA-5

It was named because the sound of the fall stopped when the Soga brothers were discussing about avenging behind the kakureiwa rock.


Motosu Sekirui (Motosu Stone Wall Fence)

Motosu Sekirui (Motosu Stone Wall Fence)B-2

In Aokigahara Jukai around Mountain castle ruins at the north of Lake Motosuko, there is an old, mossed masonry retaining wall made with lavas. It is supposed that it was constructed in order to protect Mountain castle ruins in Motosu in the Takeda era, and there was the “Nakamichi Okan” beside the stone mound in the past.